Psychological Testing

Psychological evaluations are provided for both adults and children for the following issues:

ADD/ADHD Testing (age 8 years and older)

Testing for Attention Deficit Disorder is available for both children (age 6 and up) and adults. Testing generally involves two one hour sessions, and includes an extensive interview, both subjective and objective ADHD testing and screening for other psychological disorders.

Autism Testing (age 6 years and older)

Autism screening is available for children age 6 and older. Evaluation generally involves at least three sessions, some of which may be two hours, and involves extensive interviews with caregiver, behavioral observation and sometimes testing of the child, and several additional assessments.

Behavior/Personality Issues

Psychological evaluations are also offered for children age 6 and up and for adults, to clarify diagnosis of emotional or behavioral problems. We do not offer extensive neuropsychological testing, or testing for academic or learning problems.

Our Services

Brain Stimulation Center

Our Deep TMS treatment (Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a non-invasive treatment stimulating the brain region responsible for depression to bring significant improvement to patients....

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