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The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Resident Clinic (CAPRC) is a collaboration between CCP and the UCF/HCA Psychiatry Residency program. The residents staffing the clinic are all licensed physicians in their second year of specialty training. Each resident will spend 2 months in the clinic before moving on to other training opportunities. Dr. Strickland, a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, will staff and supervise the clinic. He will be on site and immediately available for all clinic visits. Dr. Strickland will see you and/or your child at some point during every visit, although the resident will manage the majority of every visit.

The CAPRC can provide (for children ages 6-17):

Diagnostic Psychiatric Evaluations

Consultation and/or partnering with your child's PCP, medical specialist, or therapist to make recommendations or monitor medication and treatment progress

Review past evaluations and treatment plans to answer any questions, provide a second opinion, or offer further diagnostic and treatment suggestions

Ongoing medication management and monitoring

The CAPRC is NOT able to provide:

Child custody evaluations

Court ordered or forensic evaluations Disability evaluations

A "safe to return" letter (such as to school or work after an incident)

Ongoing psychotherapy or counseling as the residents will transition out of the clinic too quickly

Psychological testing, although some testing is available through CCP Psychology


Please allow 2 hours for the first evaluation visit

If at all possible, both primary residence parents should plan to be present for the evaluation visit

For families with joint/split custody or shared medical decision making, all parties must consent to the evaluation and treatment. A parent with sole custody may be asked to provide documentation

Please bring any past evaluations or available records to your first visit

Please allow one hour for all follow-up visits

If the resident is sick or called to cover another service, Dr. Strickland will cover the CAPRC

If Dr. Strickland is unable to be in the CAPRC, your visit will be rescheduled

Please be advised that because our office suite is not configured with 2-way mirrors or observation windows, as part of the resident's training, Dr. Strickland will have access to live closed circuit video monitoring of all of the resident's sessions with both the child and/or parents. The sessions will not be recorded or archived in any way. The parent will be asked to sign a consent for the video viewing.

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