Rebecca Howell, PA-C

Rebecca Howell
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I believe that mental health is remarkably individual, that every person's unique story must be appreciated and understood to help them find the best path forward on their mental health journey. I believe strongly in a patient-centered approach, partnering with the patient to define goals and concerns, and providing the resources they need to effect positive change through pharmacologic as well as non-pharmacologic means.
As a Paramedic in New Orleans, I had extensive experience with patients in acute mental crises, in the throes of grief, and suffering the long-term complications of poorly managed mood and personality disorders. It was always a point of frustration for me to have brief positive interactions with these patients, which in the long run were nearly meaningless as I was unable to ensure the quality of their treatment, access to follow-up care, or compliance. I always felt there was more I could do in fact, that I should do. While I don't believe I possess any unusual or special skill that enables me to "fix" the problems of others, I do believe I possess a great deal of patience and empathy that drive me to seek out and help those lost in the darkness of their own minds. Over the years I have learned that, often, the thing people need most is a good listener, one who hears that which is said as well as unsaid, and not just someone to tell them what they should do. My place is to help people understand that which they already know, to guide them through the dark times, and shine a light on the path they already walk.